“Believe it or Not”
this Friday, 17th January 2014,
Memorial Hall, Motueka

Please accept my apologies, if the change of date caused some inconvenience for you. I think it was worth it, as everything is now falling into place, “Believe it or Not” (incidentally, this is the theme).
Last night’s coaching and rehearsal was once again a real surprise to me. There are so many stories in our community, which have to be told and shared and so much talent, not only talented story tellers, but also talented listeners, who can give well deserved praise and well considered suggestions to fellow story tellers.
This Friday is definitely promising to be another great night. You can look forward to getting transported to foreign places and spaces, travel back in time and get moved by the powerful intimacy and intensity of live story telling.
Since we are scaling back to
4 True Stories Told Live for 2014,
I would recommend you make the most of it and bring all your friends and acquaintances along. You are welcome to arrive early, doors open at 6.45pm, and staff at the food table and the bar will be ready to take your orders. Our dedicated catering crew are preparing delicious savories and sweets and the bar will be well stocked with cold beer and organic wines. Of course there will also be thirst quenching beverages available for our younger audience.

Here’s a brief introduction to this week’s story tellers:

Jared Bosecke  loves to discover new places and find adventure, whatever and where ever they may be. His story takes us on a journey around the globe, where every border is potentially the end of the road.

Ron Sharp is well known for his commitment to creating gardens and grow food and other community activities. When was he born? What shaped him and who helped him become the person he is today? What was his journey?

Renee Alleyne is also a local with many years in the area. Her heartwarming, sad yet humerous and very sincere story talks about her relationship with her mother, and their final journey together in Renee’s station wagon.

Mike Kirkwood is a second time story teller for us and is going to share with us what can happen, if one is encouraged to mount a Kaimanawa stallion.

Wayne Manderson is the front man of a rock band, but story telling is new to him. Also a former world traveller, some of his experiences are so unbelievable, that he has to check in with his travel companion, to confirm whether he can believe himself or not.

Ross Morton. Has he jammbed with Bono from U2, climbed Mt Everest or had breakfast with the Royal family? I don’t know, but his story is about coffee and croissants.

John Crick‘s story from Mondays rehearsal, which we all liked, was about flying and has flown away overnight. A new story is forming. “Let’s embrace the uncertainty”. John’s poetic storytelling ability is sure to enchant.

What a line up!

On top of these 7 story tellers, we have music by Teatree to look forward to.

Looking forward to catching up on Friday.