‘Circle of Life’

It’s been a while since our last story telling event, and I’ve been away from my desk from the day after to about now. I was hoping to be able to post something during my travels, but somehow online time came at such a premium, that it had to wait until now. I want to say a belated, but no less heartfelt thank you to everybody for making that night at T.O.A.D Hall such a memorable one. Photos will be posted in due course.

Coming back to the title of this post. What is the ‘Circle of Life’? What does it mean to you? Have you got a story relating to the theme, or maybe just an idea or interpretation. Whatever it is, write to us or post your take on our facebook page. The lines are open, we are now officially collecting ┬ádefinitions and interpretations. Perhaps it will inspire someone to tell their story.

I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts and then catching up at the Chanel Arts Centre in June!