‘Circle of Life’
this Friday, 20th June 2014 7.30 PM
Chanel Arts Centre, Motueka

Only two days to the next ‘True Stories Told Live’. 

Monday night’s rehearsal and coaching session once again filled me with anticipation. Not only will I get to hear the stories again, but more importantly, I get to hear the difference between the raw version and the polished version. And having a big audience at the Chanel Arts Centre is going to help bring out the best in the stroy tellers.
As we are also celebrating the return of the ascending sun and the longest night of the year, please bring a candle. There will be a large candle holder, big enough for all the candles, and as you place your candle, make a wish! Magic happens in all sorts of ways and places. I know for sure, some sort of magic always happens during live story telling.

We have a very interesting line-up of story tellers and stories, once again a truly international  cast. Here is a little peek preview:

Jenni Burt and Kris Kolff will share a story about the joy of life, the beauty of death and the celebration of community and friendship.

Marcin Novakowski talks about a circle of stones on a far away island and a New Zealand connection.

Steven Evans wants to let go of a past event and his story is about destruction, consequences and hiddden meaning.

Jimu Grimmett is reinventing himself and the circle contained therein and what else other than football has the world cup got to offer?

Heather Lindsay, in her light hearted way talks about her mother’s dying words and the power of suggestion….?

I’m also delighted to have Mohua Sun on board, who will be singing their stories in sweet harmonies.

Now, seats are strictly limited and tickets are only available through the “Order Ticket” tab at the top of the page, or at the door. First come first serve.


Hope to see you Friday.