What’s new and exiting?!

What a great turnout at the August TSTL at the Chanel Arts Centre and what a great variety of stories. Many people I talked to favoured one story over an other, but it was interesting to observe, that every story had many likes.

Many thanks to everyone, who helped make the evening run so smoothly.

But what’s new:

The release of the DVD NPR Trio, recorded at the Memorial Hall last Ocober.

As many will recall, it was a great night of music and stories, and we have taken about 12 hours of footage and condensed it into a 2 hour film.

This is kind of a big deal for us getting this far finally, and you can applause us by purchasing one of the DVD’s for $25 through one of the following avenues:

  • Send us an email through the ‘Contact us’ tab above,
  • Come to the Steiner Spring Fair (where some of the performers will be present to sign your unique copy)
  • Wait to “Stories in the Park”, on 19 December 2014. But that is one long wait, and, as this is a limited edition, we may very well have run out by then.


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