Stories in the Park
Saturday 19 December 2015
Decks Reserve, Motueka

1st update, 26/11/15

It is an exiting time of the year, with Stories in the Park just a few weeks away.
Things are starting to fall into place nicely and for those of you, who have not been to our previous December events, here is a basic layout of the program:

The event starts at 4pm, and right from the start we will have yummy food and refreshing drinks as well as coffee, hot chocolate and other delectables available. Various games will be set up around the park and we encourage young and not so young to have a go and play for a while. On the stage, musicians will provide live entertainment and during that time, before storytelling, there will be sur-prises and spot-prices, so get your best joke rehearsed and make sure you got your thinking cap on.
Also be sure to bring a camping chair, your finest pic-nic basket and a blanket for later in the evening.

Stories will start at 7.30, and the event will conclude around 10pm.

Food and drinks will be available right through the afternoon and evening, however, games will shut down from about 7.15.