‘Circle of Life’
this Friday, 20th June 2014 7.30 PM
Chanel Arts Centre, Motueka

Only two days to the next ‘True Stories Told Live’. 

Monday night’s rehearsal and coaching session once again filled me with anticipation. Not only will I get to hear the stories again, but more importantly, I get to hear the difference between the raw version and the polished version. And having a big audience at the Chanel Arts Centre is going to help bring out the best in the stroy tellers.
As we are also celebrating the return of the ascending sun and the longest night of the year, please bring a candle. There will be a large candle holder, big enough for all the candles, and as you place your candle, make a wish! Magic happens in all sorts of ways and places. I know for sure, some sort of magic always happens during live story telling.

We have a very interesting line-up of story tellers and stories, once again a truly international  cast. Here is a little peek preview:

Jenni Burt and Kris Kolff will share a story about the joy of life, the beauty of death and the celebration of community and friendship.

Marcin Novakowski talks about a circle of stones on a far away island and a New Zealand connection.

Steven Evans wants to let go of a past event and his story is about destruction, consequences and hiddden meaning.

Jimu Grimmett is reinventing himself and the circle contained therein and what else other than football has the world cup got to offer?

Heather Lindsay, in her light hearted way talks about her mother’s dying words and the power of suggestion….?

I’m also delighted to have Mohua Sun on board, who will be singing their stories in sweet harmonies.

Now, seats are strictly limited and tickets are only available through the “Order Ticket” tab at the top of the page, or at the door. First come first serve.


Hope to see you Friday.




‘Circle of Life’

It’s been a while since our last story telling event, and I’ve been away from my desk from the day after to about now. I was hoping to be able to post something during my travels, but somehow online time came at such a premium, that it had to wait until now. I want to say a belated, but no less heartfelt thank you to everybody for making that night at T.O.A.D Hall such a memorable one. Photos will be posted in due course.

Coming back to the title of this post. What is the ‘Circle of Life’? What does it mean to you? Have you got a story relating to the theme, or maybe just an idea or interpretation. Whatever it is, write to us or post your take on our facebook page. The lines are open, we are now officially collecting  definitions and interpretations. Perhaps it will inspire someone to tell their story.

I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts and then catching up at the Chanel Arts Centre in June!



Not long to the 21st of March!

Our next public story telling event is just around the corner.

Come and celebrate equinox with us at T.O.A.D Hall and listen to some fascinating and interesting true accounts of somebody’s life.

The pizza oven will be fired up and ready to go from 6 pm, stories form 7.30 pm.

Bring a warm jumper or a blanket to wrap up.

“Believe it or Not”
this Friday, 17th January 2014,
Memorial Hall, Motueka

Please accept my apologies, if the change of date caused some inconvenience for you. I think it was worth it, as everything is now falling into place, “Believe it or Not” (incidentally, this is the theme).
Last night’s coaching and rehearsal was once again a real surprise to me. There are so many stories in our community, which have to be told and shared and so much talent, not only talented story tellers, but also talented listeners, who can give well deserved praise and well considered suggestions to fellow story tellers.
This Friday is definitely promising to be another great night. You can look forward to getting transported to foreign places and spaces, travel back in time and get moved by the powerful intimacy and intensity of live story telling.
Since we are scaling back to
4 True Stories Told Live for 2014,
I would recommend you make the most of it and bring all your friends and acquaintances along. You are welcome to arrive early, doors open at 6.45pm, and staff at the food table and the bar will be ready to take your orders. Our dedicated catering crew are preparing delicious savories and sweets and the bar will be well stocked with cold beer and organic wines. Of course there will also be thirst quenching beverages available for our younger audience.

Here’s a brief introduction to this week’s story tellers:

Jared Bosecke  loves to discover new places and find adventure, whatever and where ever they may be. His story takes us on a journey around the globe, where every border is potentially the end of the road.

Ron Sharp is well known for his commitment to creating gardens and grow food and other community activities. When was he born? What shaped him and who helped him become the person he is today? What was his journey?

Renee Alleyne is also a local with many years in the area. Her heartwarming, sad yet humerous and very sincere story talks about her relationship with her mother, and their final journey together in Renee’s station wagon.

Mike Kirkwood is a second time story teller for us and is going to share with us what can happen, if one is encouraged to mount a Kaimanawa stallion.

Wayne Manderson is the front man of a rock band, but story telling is new to him. Also a former world traveller, some of his experiences are so unbelievable, that he has to check in with his travel companion, to confirm whether he can believe himself or not.

Ross Morton. Has he jammbed with Bono from U2, climbed Mt Everest or had breakfast with the Royal family? I don’t know, but his story is about coffee and croissants.

John Crick‘s story from Mondays rehearsal, which we all liked, was about flying and has flown away overnight. A new story is forming. “Let’s embrace the uncertainty”. John’s poetic storytelling ability is sure to enchant.

What a line up!

On top of these 7 story tellers, we have music by Teatree to look forward to.

Looking forward to catching up on Friday.


The inaugural ‘Stories in the Park’ got off to a good start, with people trickling in from 5 o’clock onwards. There was a lot of activities with the games, and even more around the food tent. P’zazz’s contribution to the ambience was considerable, and some people even felt compelled to swing along to the groovy jazz. Jochen’s soulful touch on the keys combined with Sacha’s slightly raspy jazz voice, is the perfect combination for an occasion as this.

The weather was perfect, with a slight cover of light high-cloud for a time, to take the sting out of the sun. When the breeze dropped around 7.30 the conditions were perfect for the storytelling.

A huge thank you to all the storytellers, who came from near and far this week, to share their tales. The time and effort they put into preparing their stories reflected very well on them, as well as on the whole event. Thank you also to Stephen Aroha, who entertained us between some stories with his famous originals and equally famous covers.

Also a big thank you to the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School parents for the catering. You looked great in the food-tent, everything was beautifully presented and what I ate was delicious. Too bad the patatas were sold out before I had a chance to get some.

I’m humbled by the support I got from those who got wholeheartedly behind the idea and the concept of  ‘Stories in the Park’  and everything you so selflessly contributed!!

It really was a night to remember. There was an audience of around 300 people and thanks to the size of the park, it didn’t feel at all crowded.

If you haven’t been on our Facebook page yet, go and have a look at some of the photos. Also, it is really important for us to know how you experience the event, so feel free to leave a comment, either here or there.

I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

Once again, if you have a story to share, don’t hesitate to click on the link on this page.





A few more days to Stories in the Park

Things are coming together really well for our inaugural Stories in the Park, and the weather is looking great too, so come prepared for evening sun and a cooling down after dark.

We will have Jazz Duo Sacha Horton and Jochen Maurer as P’zazz on stage shortly after 5PM, while there is also an opportunity to play some games in the background.

Hot and cold food and drinks will be available for purchase, also from 5 onwards. So come and make the most of a beautiful summer evening, it may not last.

Before you turn your attention to something else, click on the facebook link to the right of the screen at tell us that you are coming.

After last nights coaching and rehearsal, I’m really exited to announce the story titles and story tellers:

‘In Cuba and in Trouble’ by Emily Dowding-Smith
‘A Short Story’ by Ian Laing
‘Woman in the Wild’ by Abby Laing
‘My Mother’s Reflection’ by Heather Lindsay
‘Lost, but clean, in Iran’ by Ben King
‘Bloody Miracle Boy’ by Tom Watkins
‘Adrift in Space’ by Helen Mayhew

If you have something you would like to contribute during the event, please get in touch as soon as possible, so we have a chance to juggle the program.

Looking forward to seeing you at Decks Reserve.

Ahh,just remembered, don’t forget your camping chair.

Stories in the Park

Preparations are well underway for our next event, taking place on 20 December 2013 at Decks Reserve in Motueka. We are needing good weather, so if you can put a word in upstairs, that would be appreciated. If that is to no avail, we will move to the Memorial Hall and start at the usual time of 7.30pm. But if is is a warm, dry day, we will start a 5pm with games, music and picnic in the park. Some food and drinks will be available for purchase.

There is no admission and we are hoping for a big turnout. Bring all of your friends along and tell all of your neighbors.

The theme of the night will be “Outside the Comfort Zone” and we have 6 confirmed Story Tellers. If you have a story to that theme, you could be our 7th Story Teller, so please get in touch.

More event dates and themes will be posted shortly, so watch this space!

November Story Evening

Thanks very much to everyone who was there last night and helped make it such a special experience.
A special thanks to the Story Tellers and Musicians for standing up and sharing their ‘Miracles’ with us. I had a fabulous time and I hope you did, too. A heartfelt thanks also to the kitchen- and tech-crew.

We’ll be back with more live story telling on the 20th December, in the meantime, watch this space!

The suitcase

This is Amy’s heartwarming story of childhood memories, her best friend Jen and some of the things she might have forgotten. But thanks to ‘The Suitcase’….

Amy was one of our Story Tellers on 22nd August 2013 at the Chanel Arts Center in Motueka.