‘Nourishment’ at the Chanel Arts Centre in Motueka.
This Friday, 22/9/17

Only a few sleeps now to the next TSTL, with a great line-up of Storytellers: 

Free:        “Sharing a breath”

Heather Lindsay:   “Xmas at the beach”

David Knowles:   “The dark night-  when you can see and hear everything, life can take many turns”

Steve Henry:  “A life changing festival”


Duncan Henry:   “Hunting and Gathering”

Clive James:   “Once upon a time ”

Steven Bosecke: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got” 


Musical contributions by Ian Harvey!


We are no longer booking seats, so be there early. Doors open at 7pm.

See you there.

Back by popular demand!
Friday 12 May 7.30 pm, Chanel Arts Centre, Motueka

The Road Less Travelled

This is the theme for our latest edition of True Stories Told Live.

After a long break, TSTL is back, thanks to Steve Henry, who has picked up the reins with courage and enthusiasm. I’m really exited about this and I’m so pleased and thankful, that Storytelling in public will continue in our community. With its cross-generational reach, storytelling is great way of strengthening the fabric of our community and connecting people.

Please share this post with as many people as you can and come along on the 12th of May to support the storytellers as well as Steve, who has put a lot of thought and effort into this event.


All funds raised will be donated to the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School.


See you there.


Hans Strub

Change of date
Next Storytelling 8 April 2016

Please note that due to some interesting dynamics, our next event has been changed from 21 March to 8 April 2016.

We will gather at our treasured venue, The Chanel Arts Center, for our last True Stories Told Live of this season.
The theme of the night: ‘Off The Beaten Track’.
If you have a story of an adventure in a remote place or perhaps a profound moment when nobody was watching, or anything else that relates in some way to the theme of the evening, I would love to hear from you. Please use the “Tell your Story” link above to connect with us.

Stories in the Park on the airwaves

As mentioned during Stories in the Park, the event was recorded and the second set of stories will be broadcast this week on Fresh FM. For those who have missed the event or would simply like to listen to the stories again, you can do so this week on Fresh Freature:
Friday 29 Jan: 3pm,
Saturday 30 Jan: 5pm
Monday 1 Feb: 2am.
And depending on where you are in the world, here are the particulars:
In Nelson/Tasman 104.8, in Golden Bay 95 or Blenheim on 88.9, and anywhere else you can listen online

The first episode was broadcast two weeks ago and is available as podcast from the Fresh FM home page.
Click here to listen.

Stories in the Park
Saturday 19 December 2015
Decks Reserve Motueka

3rd update, 18/12/15
Final day of preparation started well, with warm morning sun and birdsong.
We are expecting a similar start tomorrow, so Stories in the Park will be in the Park. The weather forecast is for partly cloudy, perfect for an outdoor event.

As I mentioned earlier in the week and also on air, I would like to share with you our delight for having such a great team of partners, who supported us either financially or with in kind donations:
Fix and Fogg Peanutbutter; House of Travel, Motueka; State Cinema, Motueka; Abel Glass; Wislons Abel Tasman, Creative NZ; Wilderness Canoe Trust; NBS and Motueka Rudolf Steiner School. Their generosity is very much appreciated.

So as I said in previous posts, we are all ready to go tomorrow; Saturday, from 4 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Hans Strub

PS. Sorry this is all a bit short, as we are in final prep mode.

Stories in the Park
Saturday 19 December 2105
Decks Reserve, Motueka

2nd update 8/12/15

It’s been an interesting two weeks and I couldn’t be happier for how things are progressing. I’m really grateful to have the support of a dependable team of volunteer helpers to ensure the event unfolds according to plan.
In todays update, we are exited to announce a great line up of storytellers.

In no particular order:

Tamsin Leenhouwers
Tristan Vincent
Steve Henry
Bashan King
Craig Jarvis
Heather Lindsay
Kevin Moran
Richard Lublow

To find out more about their stories and further details about the event, tune into Fresh FM on Tuesday 15 December at 8:am.

We are also delighted to be able to tell you that P’zazz will be on stage to provide some of the afternoon entertainment.

I need to mention just how rewarding it’s been for me to receive great support from businesses providing spot prices, which can be won on the day. We will announce our supporting partners in the next update, so keep an eye on further posts.

Stories in the Park
Saturday 19 December 2015
Decks Reserve, Motueka

1st update, 26/11/15

It is an exiting time of the year, with Stories in the Park just a few weeks away.
Things are starting to fall into place nicely and for those of you, who have not been to our previous December events, here is a basic layout of the program:

The event starts at 4pm, and right from the start we will have yummy food and refreshing drinks as well as coffee, hot chocolate and other delectables available. Various games will be set up around the park and we encourage young and not so young to have a go and play for a while. On the stage, musicians will provide live entertainment and during that time, before storytelling, there will be sur-prises and spot-prices, so get your best joke rehearsed and make sure you got your thinking cap on.
Also be sure to bring a camping chair, your finest pic-nic basket and a blanket for later in the evening.

Stories will start at 7.30, and the event will conclude around 10pm.

Food and drinks will be available right through the afternoon and evening, however, games will shut down from about 7.15.

Stories in the Park
Saturday 19 December 2015
Decks Reserve, Motueka

Stories in the Park, our biggest event for the year, is starting to take shape. We have assembled a small group of team leaders to plan and run this year’s event (they will need helpers) and we are committed to making it a roaring success.
Currently we are raising awareness in the community about Stories in the Park and are seeking a select group of local businesses and individuals to help underwrite the show.
As in previous years, the gathering will start in the afternoon with games, music, food, perfomances, chances to win loads of spot prices and lots of laughter, however, the main part of course is the storytelling in the evening, when 8 local characters will take to the stage.
Quite a few people came forward after the last True Stories Told Live and volunteered to share one of their stories. Over the next few weeks, we will finalise the program and I’m very much looking forward to our first coaching session.
For now however, I’m signing off, as I’m far too exited about it all to sit here and write.

Best wishes and I’ll keep you posted,

Hans Strub

“Reflections, Stories of Contemplations, Considerations and Conclusions, or why I Changed my Mind”
Friday 19 June 2015

We are working on the program for the next storytelling and it is starting to take shape.
There are still a few spaces for storytellers open, so please get in touch with me and help contribute to a special night of sharing and connecting. If you haven’t got a story yourself, ask around and get your friends or colleagues, or perhaps your mum or dad or any other family member to come forward.
You can also use the link at the top of the page to offer your story.
Hope to hear from you soon.