Stories in the Park
Saturday 19 December 2015
Decks Reserve, Motueka

Stories in the Park, our biggest event for the year, is starting to take shape. We have assembled a small group of team leaders to plan and run this year’s event (they will need helpers) and we are committed to making it a roaring success.
Currently we are raising awareness in the community about Stories in the Park and are seeking a select group of local businesses and individuals to help underwrite the show.
As in previous years, the gathering will start in the afternoon with games, music, food, perfomances, chances to win loads of spot prices and lots of laughter, however, the main part of course is the storytelling in the evening, when 8 local characters will take to the stage.
Quite a few people came forward after the last True Stories Told Live and volunteered to share one of their stories. Over the next few weeks, we will finalise the program and I’m very much looking forward to our first coaching session.
For now however, I’m signing off, as I’m far too exited about it all to sit here and write.

Best wishes and I’ll keep you posted,

Hans Strub

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